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Your presence here has me genuinely thrilled! The fact that you're contemplating having me tag along on your journey is beyond meaningful.

In my world, being a candid wedding photographer transcends the conventional notion of merely capturing a visually pleasing image. It's about seizing a genuine and unfiltered connection, immersing myself entirely in our shared moments, and earning your trust.

Looking forward to diving into your story, getting to know you and your partner (preferably over a cup of coffee—it's always a great start), and gearing up for your moment in the spotlight. Let's create memories that defy the ticking clock and linger for a lifetime. Honestly, the beauty of my craft lies in forging new friendships with those who are game for adventure, embracing whatever twists life throws our way. Ready to kickstart this exciting journey? Let the adventure begin!

elighted to share a little about myself—I'm not just any photographer, I'm a bona fide Award-Winning Photographer, with a twist—I’m a storyteller at heart. Exciting times ahead, right?


the New Braunfels Wedding Photographer for untraditional couples

Hi, I'm Michele!
Why you're here:

  • You're done with basic-ass pictures.
  • Your story is too damn vibrant for stiff, snooze-inducing snapshots.
  • You crave visuals that pop with the same intensity as the memories they encapsulate.

Even if your memories are the kind that leaves jaws dropped, pretty pictures alone won't do the trick. That's where I step in, keeping it genuine right from the get-go. Because let's face it, on the most epic day of your lives, you deserve moments as real as your love.

So, be your badass self. Soak it all in. I've got your back – capturing the wild, the real, and the unforgettable. Let's make this journey as crazy and stress-free as it should be. Your epic day, your epic memories – let's rock this!

ou've discovered a love that feels like home but with a constant whiff of adventure lingering in the air. Now, it's time to throw the bash of a lifetime with your favorite people all in one amazing place.


My Approach to Wedding Photography




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But here's the kicker—I'm not just a spectator in your life's blockbuster; I'm the lens wizard at some of the grandest milestones. Picture this: epic dance parties where I swap the traditional club scene for a reception ruckus. No kidding, I'm not afraid to unleash "the sprinkler" move at the drop of a beat.

Now, let's get real about what you need. No basic shit here. If you're after a photographer who effortlessly dances between natural light and flash, capturing your extraordinary moments with the finesse of a maestro, you're in the right place. I'm not just snapping pics; I'm orchestrating a visual symphony that echoes the uniqueness of your story.

But it's not just about the visuals; it's about making this journey a damn breeze for you. Stress-free and trust-filled, because let's face it, your big day deserves nothing less. So, buckle up, get ready for some killer memories, and let's kick off this visual adventure together. 

mmersed in the art of photography, it's not just a gig for me—it's a freaking love affair that hits me square in the feels every damn time. Blessed doesn't even begin to cover it; I get to freeze those moments in people's lives, transforming them into forever tangible memories.


My background as a badass Wedding Photographer

My experience

Y'all! Michele was the absolute best photographer we could have asked for! Can't wait for more to come 🤗

Dripping Springs, Texas

Michelle + Chris

OMG I'm looking through them now! They are INCREDIBLE!! John has to wait until he gets home, but I'm in full-blown waterworks over here!

Dripping Springs, Texas

Lacey + John

I have to tell you that the time and effort you put into selecting the photographer resulted in the most beautiful and magical I've ever seen from any wedding. I'm just floored, Jordyn. She captured magic!
(from one of J+K's wedding guests)

Dripping Springs, Texas

Jordyn + Kolin

There are some other hilarious photos, but so many that are breathtaking. You are truly a goddess among humans! I have no idea how you were everywhere all at once, but you somehow got moments that I saw happening and sent a prayer up that somehow, someone would snag them with a camera.

Dripping Springs, Texas

Angela + Josh

I got so many compliments about you, specifically, from our guests. They raved about you (completely unprompted, they were the ones bringing you up)! Thank you so much for going above and beyond on our special day. I truly feel like I cannot thank you enough.

Garden Ridge, TX

Jessica + Aaron

Our photographer, Michele, was absolutely amazing to work with! She made our day so special and was so easy to get along with. Nothing felt stressful or awkward and our pictures were absolutely stunning! Couldn't have asked for a better team on our wedding day!

Dripping Springs, Texas

Lauren + Brandon


Because it isn’t just about the gorgeous Golden Hour portraits of the couple…it’s also about your grandmother’s ring, teary-eyed grooms at the end of the aisle, reception dance floors full of party animals ready to bust a move.

Authentic • TIMELESS • Unconventional

(over lattes? Yes please!)

I’m so happy you stumbled on my site. If you’re ready to book, just fill out the form below.

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