Texas bred, New Braunfels nurtured — I've been soaking up the NBTX vibes for a solid 15 years now. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for city-hopping adventures, but let's be real — there's no place on Earth I'd rather kick back and call home. Picture this: Gruene Hall, 2008—the joint where fate played matchmaker, and my partner in crime, Scott, entered the scene. Fast forward, and we're soaking in rays and relishing the natural beauty the Hill Country slings our way.

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I'm Michele


ife | Boy Mom | Coffee Addict | Sewist
When I’m not behind the lens, I love spending time with my hubby, our energetic kiddo, and 2 rescue pups. 


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A Look Behind The Lens

You Deserve something Legend-(wait for it)-dary

As the area's premiere colorful wedding photographer who's not afraid to embrace the power of flash, I'm on a mission to redefine the way we capture love stories.


My granny was great at a lot of things, but the one I’m most grateful for to this day is she took pictures of EVERYTHING. Even when she probably wasn’t feeling it. And these images help me feel close to her when I’m missing her wisdom and warmth. I can see her captured smile and REMEMBER.

I wanted to do that for people. Give them their memories in something tangible, that their children can pull out of an album or a box and ask questions, get told stories, and keep loving them even after they’re gone.

Honestly, it’s pretty personal.

Why Weddings + Families?

hen my grandmother passed in 2001, I lost my best friend. 


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My family Is my world. Hubs and I met WAY back in 2008 when I asked him to dance at Gruene Hall. We didn't start dating until 2012 (should've known then that he takes his sweet time 🙄). We got married 5 long years later, and our son came shortly after that.

A lot of the reason I do the things I do in my business is experience from my marriage and what becomes important.



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I've been sewing for going on 12 years now. I'm self-taught but am always up to take a class that interests me! The things I enjoy sewing the most are definitely clothes and bags. The wallet I made about 5 years ago I still carry daily.

The bag in the picture is probably one of the best things I've ever made, and it even won a blue ribbon!



My Favorite Things

Y'all! Michele was the absolute best photographer we could have asked for! Can't wait for more to come 🤗

Dripping Springs, Texas

Michelle + Chris

OMG I'm looking through them now! They are INCREDIBLE!! John has to wait until he gets home, but I'm in full-blown waterworks over here!

Dripping Springs, Texas

Lacey + John

I have to tell you that the time and effort you put into selecting the photographer resulted in the most beautiful and magical I've ever seen from any wedding. I'm just floored, Jordyn. She captured magic!
(from one of J+K's wedding guests)

Dripping Springs, Texas

Jordyn + Kolin

There are some other hilarious photos, but so many that are breathtaking. You are truly a goddess among humans! I have no idea how you were everywhere all at once, but you somehow got moments that I saw happening and sent a prayer up that somehow, someone would snag them with a camera.

Dripping Springs, Texas

Angela + Josh

I got so many compliments about you, specifically, from our guests. They raved about you (completely unprompted, they were the ones bringing you up)! Thank you so much for going above and beyond on our special day. I truly feel like I cannot thank you enough.

Garden Ridge, TX

Jessica + Aaron

Our photographer, Michele, was absolutely amazing to work with! She made our day so special and was so easy to get along with. Nothing felt stressful or awkward and our pictures were absolutely stunning! Couldn't have asked for a better team on our wedding day!

Dripping Springs, Texas

Lauren + Brandon