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Immerse yourself in the unfiltered emotion of your love, immortalized in each vibrant frame. From unforgettable moments to timeless traditions, I've got your back. Specializing in crafting Texas wedding snapshots that scream YOU — think breathtaking vibrant hues, poses that feel as natural as your love, choreographed moves that flow effortlessly, and a clever play with light that adds that extra oomph. Let's make your wedding day a visual feast, authentically and unapologetically yours. 

Unveil the Magic of Your Wedding Day – Where Every Image is a Kaleidoscope of Your Unique Love


You're not here for a run-of-the-mill, stress-infused wedding day. Nah, you're all about soaking up the good vibes, creating fantastic memories with your ride-or-die crew. You've peeped my pics, felt the vibes, and decided you need that magic for your own damn wedding. Let's cut the small talk—hit up my contact form, and let's cook up a plan to make some kickass memories together!

1. Let's Chat!

2. Ask Me Anything

Let's kick off this adventure with some face-to-face magic — whether it's coffee, drinks, or a virtual Zoom rendezvous. We're diving deep into the good stuff — why you two are a match made in heaven, pinpointing the people and moments that light your fire, and ensuring our vibes and aspirations sync up.

Once we've had our heart-to-heart, I'm rolling up my sleeves to whip up a custom collection tailored to your quirks, wishes, and must-haves. Seal the deal with a contract signature, and boom, it's celebration time! Let's make this journey as unique and out of this world as your love story.

Ditch the cliché date nights; let's make your engagement session the ultimate excuse for a rad date night with your fave person. I'm just tagging along, capturing those epic memories in the making.

No one's got time for awkward vibes on their big day. Enter the Engagement Session—a golden chance to get the lowdown on what's coming, get cozy in front of the lens, and for me to decode what really lights up your faces, gets you giggling, and showcases your stellar love story. Let's make these sessions more than just pics—they're your backstage pass to wedding day awesomeness.

3. The Engagement Session

It's the day you tie the knot with your partner in crime and revel with your favorite people. We've meticulously crafted this day for months, ensuring you can soak it all in. Expect a rollercoaster of emotions — laughter, joy, tears, and a tapestry of beautiful moments!

Let's unveil the finest rendition of both of you, capturing your love and those profound connections in images that scream authenticity. We'll kick off the celebration with a dance that'll echo through the night, forging memories you'll hold dear for a lifetime! 

4. Wedding Day!

Get ready for the image extravaganza delivered straight to your digital doorstep through a sleek online gallery, perfect for flaunting your awesomeness to friends and fam. Oh, and for that tangible kick, a USB is also in the mix.

Your print credits? Consider them your golden ticket to the gallery's shop — your one-stop emporium for top-notch artwork. From prints that pop to canvases that command attention, the options are as wild as your imagination.

When it comes to albums, we're not just dictating design — we're crafting that masterpiece together. It's a collaborative shindig, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. Let's turn those memories into a visual tale!

5. Your Photographs

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heirloom artwork • priceless

Weddings from $3100

Elopements from $2000

The cost isn't just a random digit on a sheet; it's a purposeful commitment, a vow to seize the very soul of your moments and thread them into a tapestry that unravels with time. This financial plunge guarantees more than just a record of your wedding day; it encompasses my unwavering commitment from our first chat until you hold those cherished memories in your hands. It's an investment in your tomorrows, a pledge to safeguard the magic that unfolds in the chapters of your life.

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Y'all! Michele was the absolute best photographer we could have asked for! Can't wait for more to come 🤗

Dripping Springs, Texas

Michelle + Chris

OMG I'm looking through them now! They are INCREDIBLE!! John has to wait until he gets home, but I'm in full-blown waterworks over here!

Dripping Springs, Texas

Lacey + John

I have to tell you that the time and effort you put into selecting the photographer resulted in the most beautiful and magical I've ever seen from any wedding. I'm just floored, Jordyn. She captured magic!
(from one of J+K's wedding guests)

Dripping Springs, Texas

Jordyn + Kolin

There are some other hilarious photos, but so many that are breathtaking. You are truly a goddess among humans! I have no idea how you were everywhere all at once, but you somehow got moments that I saw happening and sent a prayer up that somehow, someone would snag them with a camera.

Dripping Springs, Texas

Angela + Josh

I got so many compliments about you, specifically, from our guests. They raved about you (completely unprompted, they were the ones bringing you up)! Thank you so much for going above and beyond on our special day. I truly feel like I cannot thank you enough.

Garden Ridge, TX

Jessica + Aaron

Our photographer, Michele, was absolutely amazing to work with! She made our day so special and was so easy to get along with. Nothing felt stressful or awkward and our pictures were absolutely stunning! Couldn't have asked for a better team on our wedding day!

Dripping Springs, Texas

Lauren + Brandon


(over lattes? Yes please!)

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