10 Things to Ask your Wedding Photographer

(before you book them)

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life, and capturing it through photography is an essential part of preserving those memories. Your wedding photos will be treasured for years to come, so it’s essential to find the right photographer to capture your special day. Here are some important questions to ask your wedding photographer before hiring them:

Describe your approach to my wedding day.

Not really a question, but knowing how they go into your wedding will help you get a better sense of how they work. Do they capture mostly candids without interfering in the moment? Every photographer has their unique style, so its’s essential to find a photographer who aligns with your vision for your wedding day.

Can I see your portfolio?

Ask to see the photographer’s portfolio to get a better sense of their work. Look for consistency in their style and quality of their images.

Do you have experience shooting weddings?

Wedding photography is a specialized field, and it’s essential to hire a photographer who has experience shooting weddings. They should be familiar with the flow of the day and know how to capture the essential moments.

What equipment do you use?

A professional wedding photographer should have professional-grade equipment to ensure they can capture high-quality images in various lighting conditions.

Do you know how to use flash?

If your ceremony gets moved inside due to weather, will they be able to still capture amazing images with their equipment. There are so many fast-moving activities after dark (dancing, bouquet/garter toss, exit) that having at least a basic knowledge of flash is essential for a wedding photographer.

Can I see examples of full weddings you’ve shot?

Looking at an entire wedding album will give you a better sense of how the photographer tells a story throughout the day and captures all the essential moments. Seeing at least 500 images from one wedding will give you a great idea of what you can expect to be delivered for your wedding.

What is your backup plan in case of equipment failure?

Equipment failure can happen at any time, and it’s crucial to have a backup plan in place. A professional photographer should have backup cameras, lenses, and memory cards to ensure they can continue shooting if something goes wrong.

How many photos will I receive?

Ask the photographer how many photos you can expect to receive and if they edit all the images. It’s important to know what you’re getting before you sign a contract. You may also like to know how your images will be delivered. Will they be providing you with a USB, or will you need to download everything from an online gallery?

What is your turnaround time for delivering the photos?

Ask how long it will take for the photographer to deliver the final images. This is important information to know, so you can plan when to expect your wedding photos.

What are your pricing and package options?

Make sure you understand the photographer’s pricing and what’s included in their packages. You don’t want any surprises after the wedding day. Ever photographer is different and collections can vary drastically.


Most sources today will encourage couples to make photography 10-20% of their budget. The average wedding in America is somewhere around $35,000. So 10-20% of that is $3,500-7,000, which is generally the average cost of a quality wedding photographer  – my average client spends $3600. This may seem steep, but when you’re working with a legit business, there are so many costs you may not think of that lend to an exceptional experience – planning materials, website + gallery hosting, insurance, taxes, equipment maintenance/repair, time spent prior to the wedding day, etc. Wedding photographers only keep about 30-50% of the total cost as actual income. That, combined with only taking on 20-30 weddings a year (to give clients the best experience possible!), are major factors in the price.

PRO TIP: Want to find extra money in your budget to put towards photography? Consider a weekday wedding or reducing your guest count, and you’ll save instantly on most weddings!

What is your cancellation policy?

Find out the photographer’s cancellation policy, so you know what your options are if you need to cancel or reschedule your wedding.

Finding a wedding photographer you can trust with one of the most important days of your life is crucial to ensure your memories are well taken care of. Asking some basic questions of each photographer you contact is a great way to get a feel for them. Even better? If they want to get you on a phone call, that’s a great sign! Sending out a pricing guide is easy, getting to know your client’s wants and needs takes a personal touch.

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