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Wedding trends are constantly changing, and that includes groom attire. If you’re trying to plan your special day, you may be wondering what’s in fashion. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the latest trends in groom’s attire.


Colored suits and jackets

Gone are the days of black and white tuxedos being the only option for grooms. Nowadays, grooms are opting for colorful suits and jackets that add a pop of personality to their look. Popular colors include royal blue, burgundy, and forest green.

Non-traditional materials

Another trend that’s gaining popularity is the use of non-traditional materials for groom’s attire. For example, linen suits are becoming more common for summer weddings, while tweed and velvet jackets are being worn during the cooler months. These materials add texture and depth to the groom’s look.

Mix and match

Mixing and matching pieces of the groom’s attire is another trend that’s on the rise. This can include wearing a patterned shirt with a solid jacket, or pairing a vest with a different colored suit. This trend allows grooms to create a unique look that reflects their personal style.

Bold accessories

Accessories are another way for grooms to add some personality to their wedding day look. Bold ties, bowties, and pocket squares in vibrant colors or patterns are popular choices. Statement socks and shoes in unexpected colors or styles can also add a touch of personality to the groom’s outfit. Florals are another area we are seeing expanding into groom territory, with floral pocket inserts and lapels fully adorned with flowers!

Casual attire

Finally, more and more grooms are opting for a more casual look for their wedding day. This can include wearing a simple button-up shirt with slacks or jeans, or even a full-on denim outfit (check out the amazing ensembles from Fort Lonesome). This trend is perfect for couples who are having a more laid-back, relaxed wedding.

Basically, the trends in groom attire are constantly evolving, allowing grooms to express their unique style on their wedding day. From colored suits to bold accessories, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. By incorporating these trends into their wedding planning, grooms can create a look that is both fashionable and personalized to their taste. Let’s show our grooms more love…it’s their day too!

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