Photography Coverage 101

(how much do I need and why?)

by Michele Huntington

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! One of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding is choosing a photographer. Photography coverage is a crucial element of your special day as it allows you to capture all the memories and emotions you’ll cherish for a lifetime. However, many couples struggle with determining how much photography coverage they’ll need. In this post, we’ll share some tips and advice to help you decide.

Consider the Schedule of Your Day

The first thing to consider when deciding how much photography coverage you’ll need is the schedule of your wedding day. How many hours will your ceremony and reception be? Will you have a first look or any other special moments you want to capture? It’s important to think about how much time you’ll need to get ready, take formal photos, and enjoy your reception. Once you have a rough idea of your timeline, you’ll be better equipped to determine how much photography coverage you’ll need.

Think About Your Priorities

Another factor to consider is your priorities when it comes to photography. What moments and details are most important to you? Do you want extensive coverage of your ceremony and reception, or are getting ready photos more important? Do you want portraits of just the two of you, or do you also want group shots with family and friends? Discussing your priorities with your photographer can help them tailor a photography package that meets your needs.

Consider Your Budget

It’s important to consider your budget when deciding how much photography coverage you’ll need. Photography can be a significant expense, so it’s essential to figure out what you can afford. Keep in mind that more coverage (as well as an experienced wedding photographer) typically means a higher price tag, so it’s important to find a balance between what you want and what you can afford.

Discuss Options with Your Photographer

When choosing a photographer, it’s important to discuss the various photography coverage options they offer. Some photographers offer packages based on hours of coverage, while others may offer more flexible options. Your photographer may also be able to provide guidance on how much coverage you’ll need based on your timeline, priorities, and budget.

Choosing the right photography coverage for your wedding day can be a challenging decision, but with some careful consideration and planning, you can find the right amount to meet your needs. Remember to consider your timeline, priorities, budget, and discuss your options with your photographer. With the right coverage, you’ll be able to capture all the special moments and memories of your wedding day that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. To see a basic wedding timeline, check out my Wedding Planning Guide.

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